Can you drink from this mugs? (scary photos)

This scary images are cups meant for drinking made by an artist…. would you use this???

Kevin “Turkey” Merck, a pottery artist with 15 years experience who likes creating works of horror and monsters has come up with just the thing to jolt you out of your early morning languor, who can stay sleepy eyed at this sight of this eerily realistic zombie cups?
“Zombies are by far my favorite monsters to work on, primarily because the of the forms,” Merck said. “Textures and color choices for zombies are nearly endless.”
His coffee mug creations are impressively detailed and his pieces are inspired by work done by makeup artist Lon Chaney and the makeup development team on the movie “World War Z.” It seems he gets a lot of his inspiration from zombie movies as he’s also a huge fan of the show “The Walking Dead” and its special effects makeup artist, Kevin Wasner.

See more photos after the cut…

The $220 price tag of the cups is heavily due to the fact that each cup is entirely handmade. “I’ve spent anywhere from four to 30 hours on a mug,” Merck said. “The entire process can take up to a month or more.”



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