Watford Pockets £200Million If Ighalo Stays – Deeney


Reports in some quarters that Watford striker Odion Ighalo may be heading out of Vicarage road in January has triggered the reaction of Troy Deeney, the club’s captain.

According to Deeney, Ighalo staying at Watford beyond January will be more profitable for Watford as the club will earn £200 million.

Deeney told Watford Observer: “Odion is not going in January.

Watford Will Earn £200m If They Wave Off Offers For Ighalo says team mates Troy Deeney

“So other teams can want Iggy (Ighalo) as much as they want but I know Gino (Pozzo, Watford’s owner) and it wouldn’t make sense to sell.

“Why sell a striker when you are trying to stay in the Premier League? What would be the value in selling Odion now and getting what £20 million? £25 million?

“Or you keep him, stay up and get something like £200 million in TV money.

It is simplebusiness maths. We will not sell him.

“Odion hasn’t come in telling everyone he wants to leave. We just laugh at that (Ighalo leaving in January).”

Ighalo has scored 14 goals in the EPL so far this season, with seven in the consecutive last six games.

Having scored 30 goals in 75 games in all competition this year, Ighalo has won the bragging rights as the top scorer in England for 2015.

He is the first ever Watford player to score in six consecutive English top flight games.



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