Tonto Dikeh wins full custody of her son, King Andre

Tonto Dikeh wins full custody of her son, King Andre

Tonto Dikeh is definately the happiest person right now after winning full custody of her son, King Andre from her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill, who on the other hand has been granted conditional visitation.

A customary court in Abuja made this order moments ago after she was sued by her former husband and father of the said child.

Barrister Ukechukwu C Uju-Azorji, Tonto’s legal representative while speaking with journalists described the case as a very hectic and dramatic one.T

Uju-Azorji revealed that there was a time Churchill’s attorney filed a N200k case against Tonto to foot the bill for Churchill’s transport to attend the court as they felt Tonto was using King Andre’s school runs as a tactic to drag the case thereby making the father spend so much money to travel to and from Ghana to attend court hearing. Tonto, however, won the case and she was not made to pay.

When asked about the speculation that Tonto has denied Churchill the visitation rights which he was legally awarded. He responded that the visitation rights were based on some conditions which he has failed to meet.

He stated that Churchill failed to pay for child support and some part of King’s expenses. He also stated that her ex-husband was instructed by the court to pay for a confidant who will supervise the visits after Tonto evidently proved to the court that she cannot trust Churchill around King alone at his young age.

When asked what evidence Tonto provided. Azorji stated;

“We gave the court physical evidence that the man can be very diabolical and he doesn’t have the child’s interest at heart. Even in court, one of the judges said it seems the man is more interested in getting back at Tonto and not necessarily his interest for the child”.

He said Churchill was told to pay N200K monthly for Andre’s upkeep which he has not. He also said Churchill agreed to pay Andre’s school fees directly to the school but he stopped after paying once and they have emails from the school to back their claim.


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