This Man Is Renting Out His Girlfriend For The Cash To Buy Iphone6

Chinese student has gone to extreme lengths to get his hands on the latest iPhone, offering up his girlfriend in exchange for cash to put towards the device.
the sign that reads “Girlfriend Sharing” appeared on the Chinese social media site Weibo this week. And on offer is the chance to eat, study, play games or go on dates with the woman, although it did warn there would be no “funny business”.
According to posters on Weibo, the man claimed his girlfriend was a willing participant in the scheme, which offered her up for 10 yuan (£1) per hour. The identity of the man is not yet clear, though his advertising exploits took place at Songjiang University in Shanghai.
 The student’s endeavours are the latest in a string of incidents showing the desperate lengths some people go to in order to acquire the latest must-have Apple gadget. Earlier this week, a Saudi man reportedly asked his prospective brother-in-law for an iPhone 6 as a dowry for marrying his sister.  When the iPhone 5 was launched in China last year, a couple was charged with human trafficking after allegedly selling three of their newborn babies to pay for items that included high-end shoes and an iPhone.




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