The Thunder That Will Fire You Is Doing Press Up – Paul Psquare Fumes At Church Rumour


Against the rumour that P-Square Stopped Attending Church services since 2007, Paul Okoye of the music duo has react angrily to the news saying thunder will fire the architect of the news.

“Pls all psquare fans, friends and well wishers….pls ignore all this news about psquare not going to church,….we never said anything like that and never had any interview or what so ever…,this world is full of wicked people…

yes it’s a free world people can say anything,about our private lifes, families and stuff, but if it has to do with God and church…..you re on ur own….the Thunder that will fire you is doing press up……tomorrow is Sunday, happy Sunday!! See u guys in church 1uv and God bless u all”



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  1. mstchew i wonder why pple said they stopped going to church in the first place…Nigerians sef they’ve got no chill! dere’s nothing dey cannot say.

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