Synagogue’s collapsed building survivor tells his story

A South African whose name is Khathuatshelo Ramovha was among the survivors of the building collapse of the Synagogues Church of All Nations on friday. He was in the rubbles for 13 hours before he got rescued. Khathuatshelo who spoke to BBC says he would have been dead but was saved by a table which upturned on him. He shares his story:
 when I wanted to start eating, I just heard something like a blast on the wall. I couldn’t explain what it was but i new It made a small sound; something like a wired bomb, so quick and the building was coming down then I lost my consciousness. After probably 30 minutes or about an hour I woke up not so sure but When I woke up, I saw rubbles, so dark, no oxygen, nothing.  People were screaming, people were praying, people were crying; my leg, my head. I was not feeling any pain. I was under the table for hours which my food was on top before the incident. I was under that table. Surely it is that table that saved me because when the rubble came down, it touched that table and I was under it. Probably if it touches me first, it will crush me.
On how he was rescued, he says:
  heard a very loud sound that broke the rubbles. They were able to get inside. When they take it out they scream; are there people there. We said yes we are here. You alive? Yes we are alive. They told us to crawl through the hole they made. And we crawled. The first lady crawled, 2nd, 3rd, I was the first male. All the first three persons were female and then they took me out. 



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