“Stop Pretending To Be Nice” – Lagbaja says To President Goodluck Jonathan

Bisade Ologunde, popularly known as Lagbaja has admonished President Goodluck Jonathan to sit up in tackling corruption in the country. In a new interview with Glitz, the masked musician said, “Mr President needs to wake up. He should stop being a nice guy. The job of a President is not the job of a nice guy. He doesn’t want to step on toes in any way and he wants to be good to everybody at all times. He wants to be friends with everybody, even those who don’t want to be his friends, which would have been good if things were alright and peaceful.” Still advising the President on how to rescue the kidnapped Chibok girls as well as curb the insurgents terrorising the country, Lagbaja said, “He needs to realize that he is no longer serving himself”. The moment you become a president, that moment you become the property of Nigeria. You must ensure to balance things and make things work for everybody. Therefore, you cannot be thinking of yourself, or not to step on toes. He has never come out in clear terms to show that he stands for something. I pray and hope he will bring our girls back, but it is beyond that. To be the president of a nation, you need to take tough stances. You cannot beg me to become a president because I know my personality cannot do it. Whoever is going to be the next President should get it straight that the position is not for jokers.”



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