Sound Sultam appeal to all Nigerian Politicians


The highly anticipated Nigeria Presidential Election is just 4days ahead, Saturday, March 28. Most of our concerned celebrities have been drumming sounds of warning against election violence and blood shed.

Sound Sultan, one of Naija Ninja boss, also voiced his worries, but he directed it to all politicians in Nigeria. He wrote an appeal to them through his Instagram page.

“I honestly would love to appeal to Politicians to Respect the People , the Position they Play in Putting them in Power (if any) ! And the Power they possess. Though they move not with sirene but they the dignitaries every single one. Of them . Consider people that die on the roads u failed to construct , people that die in hospitals u fail to maintain , people that fail to understand the meaning of National Pride because you gave them no reason to . Who ever gets voted in All I beg is consider us “every hour spent in power ! God bless Nigeria’,

he begged.



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