“Sometimes I Feel Depressed And Sad Because I Ain’t Number 1 Yet” – Orezi

Fast-rising singer, Orezi (real name) Esegine Allen, in a new interview with Punch talked about his rocky journey to super stardom. Orezi is very good at what he does but he says he does feel depressed once in a while that he’s not gotten to where he should be. Orezi told Punch: Before now, I used to think I deserve more than what I am getting since I have put in a lot of work and I have the best videos out there. Although I know some people who came after me and they are more famous than me, I still believe God’s time is the best. The music industry in Nigeria has reached a point where everyone has a destination. As long as one does not allow the fame of others to be a source of concern, one will excel. “Sometimes, I feel depressed when I think I have been around for a while and I am yet to get to achieve my goal.”



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