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With our lives being so connected these days, most of us spend more time using our web browser than any other computer program. A great browser makes for the best Internet experience, so choosing the right one is a necessity. And right now both PC and Mac owners have a lot of choices. There are the default browsers, Safari and Internet Explorer, plus dozens of others that work on both platforms. What makes any of them better than the others?

The best browsers are simple to use, speedy, hog as few computer resources as possible and keep you safe from malware and third-party tracking. On top of that, browsers should offer a wealth of customization options, tight integration with sites and services you use often, robust tab and window management, and syncing across computers and mobile devices.

There are five browsers that have most or all of these qualities: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. Of these, Chrome and Firefox offer the best experiences across the board and have the advantage of being available for all major operating systems and many mobile devices. After using both browsers extensively for over six months, I found Firefox to be the superior browser. Read on to find out why.

I personally rate GOOGLE CHROME as the best of all combining web and mobile web.


After being able to stand up with Mozilla Firefox feautures, Chrome makes sure synchronizing works with gmail addresses.


I will be using my personal experience as case study.

I use two different laptops (a mini laptop and and 15″9′ wide from HP) and also make use of a desktop computer in the office. With the sign on to chrome option, I logged in my personal gmail address (sikemiblog@gmail.com) on all the 3 computer and my Android device. That makes 4 devices.


The interesting and easy part is that all my History, saved passwords, extensions, bookmarks, options, and other personal data are automati ally synced accross all the four devices (2 laptops, 1 desktop, 1 android phone).

In my own  opinion, Google Chrome is the best browser of all time.

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