Relationship Advice; How to make your relationship last

‘Untold Secretes of how a couple have remained married for 60 years, keys to a successful long lasting relationship’

Relationship Advice: ​Have you ever wondered how some people made their relationship last long? Ever wondered why they are still in love with each other? How their relationship did not ware off or go sour with the pass of the tide and how it passes through the test of time?.

relationship advice

Long lasting relationships that leads to marriage still exists but only in few cases as the rest end up breaking their relationships and moving to another partner before settling down. This has put fear in the heart of many as they do not want to undergo heartbreaks.

relationship advice

Most of what it takes to build a lasting relationship comes naturally if one makes the right choice. But not many yield to relationship advice given to them.

However, it also requires some deliberate and conscious efforts. Written in this post is the best relationship advice anyone needs to have a successful relationship.

6 long term relationship advice from 

1. Trust

It’s funny the way people claimed to be in love but couldn’t trust each other. You should be able to trust your partner completely, do not stalk him/her, always learn to believe in each other, this will make the love grow more and more.

2. Communication

This is a very essential part of every relationship. It builds it and keeps it alive. Talk about everything! Be open and honest with each other. Listen to emotions, tone and body language and make sure you are always there for each other.

3. Always appreciate each other 

Appreciate your partner’s looks, stature, complexion, voice and everything about him/her. You may never know, others are dying to gain his/her attention. Don’t take him/her for granted. This makes you the love couple

4. Have healthy conflicts

There is no how there won’t be misunderstanding but the way you handle it matters. If there’s problem, fight the problem and not each other. Talk about it calmly, do not argue, instead take a deep breath and let go.

5. Respect boundaries and privacy 

Do not spend every seconds of every day together. Learn how to spend some time alone, this will make you value the time you do have been together the more and help in growing old together. And automatically bring about a long term relationship

6. Do not be too serious! 

Play and do some funny things together. Look out for each other and make sure there’s a smile glued to your partner’s face every time. Do not be the reason for an unending happiness.

relationship advice from old couples


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