Real Madrid beats Liverpool 3-1 as they win champions league third time in a row

Champions league

Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3 goals to 1 to claim the champions League title for the third time in a row making their coach the first coach to win a champions League cup three consecutive times.

Champions league

The game was an intriguing one as there was no goal in the first half, all four goals came in in the second half with Benzema scoring the first goal in the 51st min of the game. Bale with a scissors kick scored the second goal and then later the third goal with a shot 20m from the goal post.

Champions league

Liverpool’s keeper Karius faulted in the first goal from Benzema and the last goal from Bale making his team lose. Karius is tears apologized to the fans as he realised it was his fault his team lost the game.

Champions league

Another moment in the game was when C. Ronaldo was denied a goal in the last minute by a fan who ran into the field just as Ronaldo was about to score.

The game ended in tears of both joy and sadness for the winning team and losing team respectively.

Champions league

Zinedine Zidane’s family was present at the game to experience the moment with him.



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