Read story of how a mother re-united with her son she left behind in Boko Haram camp



Margaret, a mother of 5 (pictured above) was abducted with two of her children, Jacob and Halima from her village in Damboa Borno state late last year.
She was then taken to a Boko Haram camp where she met another abductee, Hauwa. Margaret was Worried about the safety and well being of her other children aged six, eight and ten whom she left behind when she was abducted, Margaret took the risk and fled the sect members camp with her daughter, handing over her son to Hauwa who she begged to look after him for her.



20 year old Hauwa, (pictured above) took care of the child and another child while in Boko Haram captivity, claiming the children as hers and using them to disguise that she was a married woman.

Margaret lived with the agony of not knowing where her young son and Hauwa were but as fate will have it, Hauwa and her son were among those rescued from Sambisa Forest recently and taken to an Internally Displaced Persons camp where they both met and reunited.

Source: BBC



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