Popular Nollywood Actor Impregnates His Wife’s Bestfriend


Earlier today another celebs OAP’s husband impregnated ex lover, and in this new update, Popular Yoruba actor Segun Ogunbe reportedly impregnated his wife’s best friend Omowunmi Ajiboye.

The actor who’s still married to his first wife, Atinuke Ogunbe has married his new lover secretly and the two are blessed with a new baby.

A Yoruba actress who pleaded anonymity shared the gist. She said…

“Omowunmi Ajiboye, You are such a bad friend to have a baby for your best friend, Atinuke Ogungbe’s husband, you guys are turning this world to another world, anyway it’s not a big deal to you but you are a disgrace to all Yoruba girls and to the film industry. Both of you need to be expelled from the film industry.”

“Segun Ogungbe is a silly idiot to have impregnated his wife (Atinuke Ogungbe’s) best friend Omowunmi, both of you are a disgrace to the film industry also to the whole nation. Segun Ogungbe is a silly idiot to have impregnated Omowunmi who squatted with Atinuke for several months in Abeokuta.”

“Mr Ibi Giga you are such a heartless and a shameless man, your movies are one of the best of mankind but you don’t learn from what you are teaching the public, if you, Mr Segun Ogungbe Olusola Bobo I show think your fans are silly like yourself, you are getting it twisted, you are a disgrace to the film industry”.




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