Popular African Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor Forcefully Sends Mum Packing Over Witchcraft


Togolese footballer, and forward for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur, Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor, known as Emmanuel Adebayor, is in the news!

With all the charity the Togo captain is known for, it has been revealed that the 30-year-old Lome, Togo-born does not have a cordial relationship with his family.
He was said to have ejected his mother madam Alice Adebayor from the US$ 1.5million mansion he bought for the family.

In a report with in which the footballer’s cousin, Margaret made available to Accra-based Peace FM, it was made known that he is at logger-heads with his relatives who he accused of doing rituals against him.

Adebayor’s cousin made it known saying:
“For the past six years Adebayor has rejected his mother and his immediate family whilst doing charity outside on the premise that our mother is a witch, We have been thinking of his future as a footballer and did not want this issue out in the media but it is becoming too much.

Could you believe Adebayor ordered his macho men to sack our mother and his own mother from a house he
built in Togo claiming she is a witch?

As we speak our mother lives in an
apartment rented by our junior brother, Kola Adebayor, who currently lives in Germany. My mother weeps bitterly about the issue every day.

Anytime his mother or any of us (his close relatives) call and he realizes, he will quickly cut the call. “I personally supervised the building of his house in Trassaco and he gave us an apartment in the house.

But all of a sudden he changed his attitude towards us, one afternoon his machomen came to drive us away from the house.”

The towering striker, who has been overtime described as being “tall, skillful, strong in the air and with the ability to score and create was contacted to have his say on the issue, he denied the allegations although he admitted his relationship with his family has been severed. Adebayor said



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