Peter Okoye refused to speak on Tiwa/ Teebillz issues in new interview, here is what he said

Peter Okoye was among the people who reportedly saved ‘TeeBillz’ from jumping off the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge last week. In an Interview with Hip TV, he shed a little light on why he refuses to comment on the situation and also shares some marriage advise.
He said,
“I don’t want to make comment about it. It’s very sensitive. I have made up my mind not to say anything about it. The way people are taking it.. You know, we are talking about life and death here. It’s very sensitive and I would never comment. I would do anything to support and love them.”
When peter was asked if all celebrity marriages fail, he said, “it’s not true. I don’t believe that.”
On keeping a good marriage, he also said,
“Just be yourself. Don’t change just because you got married. Because I am married today, they say stop taking off your shirt. Stop behaving like as if you are not married. Listen, some people get married and they start living some kind of life just because they are married. I don’t believe in people saying because you are married you shouldn’t wear some kind of outfits. Any little thing, they’ll say – don’t you know you are married?. C’mon. Some people make marriage look very boring. I have seen boring marriages whereby people get married, they forget that, I mean you married your friend.
Ever since I got married & before I got married, my wife is like my friend. I love my wife to look S3xy. I love when she wears some nice dresses that she normally wears. I don’t want her to change because she’s married. To start tying agbada. I’m sorry but it’s people that make marriage look very boring. I don’t want to belong there. I’m Peter Okoye and I remain Peter Okoye. I got married, I am Mr Peter Okoye and I still remain that way. I don’t change for nobody. Trust Me”


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