“Patience Jonathan is a Comedian” – APC Says


In a statement released on Tuesday, March 17th, by Publicist, Taiwo Olatubosun, Ekiti state Chapter of The APC has Described the Campaign Statements of the First Lady, Patience Jonathan as a comic relief.
Read statement Below:
“Throughout her speech, she manifested an image of a village masquerade providing a momentary comic relief to a poverty ravaged community not in a hurry for socio-economic salvation.”
“You would have thought that the First Lady would list her husband’s achievements in Ekiti State and then give the people some hope that her husband would build upon those achievements.”
“But she engaged in a duet with her host and soul mate, Governor Ayo Fayose, in an empty campaign comedy to a thoroughly dazed enlightened Ekiti people. It was a perfect duet by two comedians that one does not need any counsel‎ that Nigeria must be rescued from the captivity of the costumed ‘people of power’ without responsibility.”
“She was consistently painting Buhari as a man that would herd Nigerians into jail without committing any crime whereas Buhari only insisted that criminals during his coming administration would go to jail. She said she was not ready to prepare food for Fayose in jail‎. Inadvertently, Mrs. Jonathan was telling Nigerians ‎that Fayose is a candidate for the prison if Buhari wins.”
“Mrs. Jonathan only came to Ekiti to entertain in a political theatre full of deceits and false props constructed by Fayose for maximum personal profits.



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