Oscars 2023: Tems Outfit; Too much or Perfect

Oscars 2023: How would you rate singer Tems Outfit; Too much or Perfect,

Nigerian singer, Tems was nominated for Oscars for her song in the black panther album, alongside Rihanna. The singer’s outfit to the event caused a stir on social media as videos of the event showed that the singer’s cloud like dress was obstructing those behind her and many people deemed it unfair.

A quote from one of the tweeps reads; “Imagine waiting for years to be invited for the Oscars and you now get to seat behind Tems and you can literally see nothing”.

Her elaborate outfit to Sunday night’s Academy Awards was a huge discussion even after the event.

The outfit has generated mixed reactions with some praising her elegant and flamboyant style.

What do you think of the outfit: Too Much or Perfect

See Photos Below:


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