Tricycle (Keke napep) thief narrates how they normally kill their victims

Yesterday in Enugu State, Nonso Azubuike, from Otolo, Anambra State, a specialist in stealing tricycles in a very notorious way gave shocking details of how he and his members murder their victims. He said:

“We operated for so long in Abuja but had to relocate when the situation became difficult. Before we left, we killed five okada riders in Nasarawa.
Here in Enugu, we usually board a Keke, myself and my friend, Kennedy Ihunegbo, who is now dead; we will ask the Keke rider to take us to our building site at Ugwuaji; on getting there, we will ask him to help us load some items into the keke; once he bends down, one of us will use hammer and hit him on the head until he dies. We will now bury him in a shallow grave, which we usually dug at a building foundation within the Enugu-Port Harcourt Express Way. Then forge a dealer receipt to convince prospective buyers and then sell the Keke at prices ranging from N205,000 to N350,000 at Enugu and Nnewi.”



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