Nina talks about her relationship with Miracle


There’s been rumor that the two love birds from BBNaija Miracle and Nina have broken up. Nina decided to clear the air about the rumored split with Miracle. Nina has assured a MiNa fan that all is well in their camp and that nothing is wrong with her relationship with Miracle… She said;

@chimmy_girl you all really need to understand that miracle and I are not in any manner or form having issues, trust me he is still the miracle everyone knows.. He is just a private person who doesn’t want his life out there.. Please everyone, Miracle and Nina are very ok and nothing has changed, if you actually watched this show you will see that he doesn’t like a third party in his personal life, please I’, tired of my name always being mentioned and everyone thinking we are having a fight.. the show just ended and we are working on the betterment of our tomorrow…





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