NAN’s deputy Editor-in-Chief and wife welcome quadruplets after 7-years of waiting (Photos)

NAN's deputy Editor-in-Chief

Peter Ejiofor a Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the NAN, News Agency of Nigeria and his wife have welcomed a set of quadruplets after seven years of waiting. The couple who got married in the year 2000, welcomed their quadruplets, all boys, at a medical center in Lagos yesterday December 28th.

While expressing his joy and  gratitude on the birth of his children after many years of waiting, Ejiofor said he never for once lost faith in God during the years of waiting

“It is simply a miracle as far as I am concerned. I thank God for the wonderful gifts on a day like this; but we never lost faith in God. I always believe that God has something for us because the doctor always assures us that there is nothing wrong with us, so we were patiently waiting. I also thank God because their mother (Hannah) is fine and just recuperating because of the caesarean operation she went through; the babies are fine too. Although I knew all along about the babies, yet it is a miracle to have them at once, and for those looking up to God for a gift like this, they should trust God. I sincerely thank the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and indeed every member of staff of the hospital. God bless them”.

NAN's deputy Editor-in-Chief

NAN's deputy Editor-in-Chief



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