[Must Read] Students in Berlin officially launch a University Application Platform

Students in Berlin officially launch a University Application Platform

Students in Berlin officially launch a University Application Platform 


RocApply a university application platform which helps students easily apply to different universities globally for free launched in Germany

RocApply (https://rocapply.com/) is an application platform which consolidates different universities into one platform and allows any prospective student from all around the world to easily apply to a university of his/her choice.

RocApply offers students, universities, colleges, education institutions and academics a new way to research, evaluate, apply and accept university application online in a seamless manner.

Over the last few years the RocApply team has been working hard to develop a platform that combines powerful search tools with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The team has also been busy researching, forming partnerships with educational institutions as well as putting together data for hundreds of universities and colleges.

RocApply is offering programs in North Cyprus at the moment but is in the process of expanding to different countries including but not limited to Germany, Australia, UK, Malaysia and US within the next few months.

Here are just a few of the key features of the platform:

• Search for university or college by name, course, location, tuition fees, scholarships and ranking.

• Compare multiple universities and apply directly within the platform.

• Students can easily apply without signing up or having an account with RocApply.

• RocApply team keeps students updated on the application progress

Why was Roc Apply developed?

The mission is simple and straightforward: RocApply is dedicated to transforming the way applications to colleges and universities are made around the world, the goal is to make it as seamless and convenient as possible.

How RocApply adds value

For decades universities have been losing the opportunity to get the most qualified students because of the complex application processes.On the other hand, students have been rejected a chance to apply to certain university or colleges because of lack exposure for those particular universities.

RocApply aims to rectify both complexities and make is it way easier and fun to apply to a university or college in a just one seamless application platform with an incredibly user-friendly interface.

The founding team interviewed hundreds of current university students, prospective students, universities, colleges, professors, Deans, government officials and found that the is a gap which needs to bridge in the application process to simplify the process.

What’s next for RocApply?

Roc Apply is in the process of expanding its operations and signing contracts with diversified education institutions from various countries including but not limited to UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Cyprus, Iceland, Estonia, USA, Canada, Malaysia, China, Brazil, South Africa and more. Universities, students and other education institutions are very impressed by the services offered by Roc Apply as it continues to solidify its position as the go-to platform for university or college applications.

Mr. Jonas the Managing director of the company had this to say;

“We are just getting started and we have big plans for Roc Apply. We will continue adding hundreds of new colleges and universities to our database, developing the platform to improve the search and application process for students.It has to be understood that at the end of the day we want to make sure that everyone who uses the platform leaves 100% satisfied.We also want to work hand in hand with certain specific respective organizations to help make the studying in different universities and colleges around the globe as easy as possible to a larger audience especially for the students from Africa and Asia.”

Please visit https://rocapply.com for more information about RocApply.

You can also directly contact RocApply at info@rocapply.com for inquiries and consultation about your study options.




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