Marrying My Ex-Wife’s Niece Is No Big Deal” – wasiu Ayinde


King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal a.k.a K1 the utimate, who got married to his Ex-Wife’s niece in 2012 as revealed to Punch in an interview that there’s no big deal in what
he did even after being criticized by many people.

When asked if it bothered him when people talk and reel out such scandals about you marrying your ex-wife’s relatives, he said;

It doesn’t make any meaning to me. Do you read the Bible very well? The Bible contains a lot of things even for generations yet to come to learn something from. The Bible is a book of life.

Talking about my personal life doesn’t make any meaning. If you start tracing the lineage of some people, you would even find out that some men may have married their sisters and nothing happened. It is not a big deal. If they didn’t kill them then, why would somebody talk about my marrying my ex-wife’s niece and such jargons? It doesn’t make any meaning. Life is about what
suits you. I don’t want to be citing
examples but the Bible has taught us so many things.




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