Man who rejected his son after sneaking into Ekiti State from lagos, gets government appointment | COVID19

Dad who rejected his son after sneaking into Ekiti State from lagos, gets government appointment. Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, has appointed him as the state’s COVID-19 response ambassador. 

The man who goes by the name Mr Mr Femi Adeoye was recognised by the state governor for his actions towards the covid 19.

According to the statement released on Thursday by the Ekiti State Governmen, Mr Adeoye was commended for refusing to cover-up his son’s travel history and for denying him access into the house without confirming his COVID-19 status. Mr Adeoye epitomizes the Ekiti ethos of selflessness, which places greater premium on the collective good of the society above personal and emotional considerations. This is the core of the Values Orientation policy of the Fayemi-led Administration.”

“He will help to propagate the message as a member of the COVID-19 Task Force in the State.By, in accordance with existing regulations, denying his son entry into his household having travelled from places under Federal lockdown against his fatherly advice, Mr. Adeoye has proved to be a worthy ambassador of Ekiti State resolve to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Government and the good people of Ekiti State are very proud of this chivalrous act of courage and principle which are the hallmarks of the Ekiti person. Mr. Adeoye represents the kind of self-discipline, selflessness, and sense of collective responsibility that Ekiti State and Nigeria need desperately today to progress.

Ekiti State will in future recognise Mr. Adeoye’s valour as an example of the rebirth of Ekiti Values Orientation which is the central focus of Governor Kayode Fayemi’s administration.”


Below is the video of Mr Adeoye, a retired road safety officer asking his son to get tested for Coronavirus or isolate himself for 14 days before he would allow him into the house.

He handed his son to the government for isolation over covid19 scare after is son left Lagos to Ekiti despite his warning against doing so…

Governor Fayemi hosted Adeoye at the Ekiti State government house on Thursday, where he handed him his appointment letter. 


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