Makeup artist goes into labour while making a bride up, but completes her job (READ)

 Makeup artist goes into labour while making a bride up


Nigerian makeup artist, Eniayo Yapha took to Instagram earlier today to narrate how she went into labour while making up a bride (look up)

According to her when the contraction started, the bride said she should be taken to the hospital while her assistant finish the job but she inisisted on doing it herself.

She then completed her job and finally arrived the hospital around 9am and by 8pm she gave birth to a baby girl. Read her post below…

How my baby came on this day. Was at the bride‚Äôs place as at 6am, i started the brides face already when my contractions started.. it wasnt so bad at first, but one came just when i was highlighting at the same time i wanted to pee, i just noticed my legs wont move, it was so painful, dint knw when i said please help me, 2 photographers had to carry me to the toilet, I heard the bride talking to my assistant to get me a cab, that my assistant will finish her makeup, i told her not to worry that i wont have the baby in her hotel,, i finished the makeup, tied gele, i even took pictures 
i got to the hospital by 9.30am. To cut the long story short i had my baby girl Eniayo by 8.30pm. To God be the glory



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