Lady post advert offering men £350 to get her pregnant


A beautiful and self-acclaimed independent lady is offering men £350 to get her pregnant. can you imagine?

The 25 year old Adelina Albu in western Romania, posted a Facebook advert seeking a potential  baby daddy who will hand over all parental rights to her. She claims not to be interested in a boyfriend or husband, because ‘men are so immature.

Read her advert:


“Meeting men is not a problem. Meeting one who wants a baby is. So, rather than wasting my time on a pointless relationship I’m going to pay for it.
“For €500 (£350) you have fun, I get a baby.
“Men are so immature all they think about is themselves. I am a mature, independent woman and I want a baby – not a man who behaves like one, but a proper one.”

After several responses, she said

“So far I am not impressed with the responses as I get the impression they are not taking it seriously.”

I dont find this amusing, rather ridiculous. Was the advert really needed in the first plac? When she could easily agree to a date, and then have a one night stand there after with a man of her choice. She needs the attention more than the baby.



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