Kizz Daniel Said He Can’t Work With Reekado Banks – Harrysong speaks about what brought about Selense II

Kizz Daniel Said He Can’t Work With Reekado Banks, Harrysong speaks about what brought about Selense II

Harrysong has finally explained why there is a part two of his song ‘Selense’ whicj also had a video and other features.

He explains why there wasn’t a video for ‘Selense‘ version 1 which featured Reekado Banks and Kizz Daniel.

Alter plate boss, Harrysong in a recent chat with Sunday Scoop talked about why he failed to make a video for the song, instead he made ‘Selense II‘.

He said he wasn’t offended by Kizz Daniel verse in the song when he called himself the greatest. But was however, infuriated when Kizz Daniel refused to partake in the video shot because he didn’t want to work with Reekado Banks.

Harrysong’s manger Desmond Ike also said;

 “It wasn’t about what Kizz Daniel said on the song; there is nothing out of place about it. When you do something with people and they don’t make it easy for you, you have to look for a way to sort yourself out. Harrysong originally did the song with Reekado Banks and Kizz Daniel but at a point, Daniel said he didn’t want to star in the video because Reekado would be in it. He said he didn’t want to have anything to do with Reekado. We tried to sort out the issue between both of them so that we could shoot the video but Daniel refused vehemently; he didn’t want any reconciliation. Because of that, we decided to do another version of the song with Iyanya and Dice Ailes. Kizz Daniel was just being arrogant about the whole thing and behaving like he is a demigod.”

Harrysong’s management spoke further saying they’re unaware of the origin of their feud. And that Kizz Daniel wasn’t aware Reekado Banks on on the song because the verses were recorded separately.

“We don’t really know the issue between them but it must be a long-standing feud. He said he didn’t want to be on any song that Reekado was featured on. He refused all our entreaties.” He frustrated every move to reconcile them. Kizz Daniel even made the song to be pulled from iTunes, claiming that he did not give his consent for his voice to be used; that was how far he went. We had to choice but to look for a way out.”


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