Kanye West raps to cancer patient fan hours before her death (photo)

kanye west  raps to cancer patient

Kanye West raps to cancer patient and put a smile on her face before she died. Just few hours to her death, Kanye west reached out to her via Facetime, chatting with and rapping for her before she kicked the bucket.

TMZ reported that, Kanye recently became aware of a young fan who was battling cancer. The fan’s family was said to have tried hard to get in touch with him because the girl was a huge fan of his and last week, the word reached Kanye.Kanye West raps for cancer patient

Kanye reached out to the girl last week and FaceTimed her. They spoke for a while before the girl requested for her favorite song “I Love Kanye”. Obiviously, Kanye did as she requested. The young fan was ecstatic. She died a short time later.



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