Kaffy pens emotional tribute to picture Kodak

Kaffy pens emotional tribute to dancer picture Kodak. Love Divine, popularly known as Picture Kodak, a video-vixen, was yesterday, Wednesday, April 29, electrocuted at Clarence Peters’ Omole Estate home while charging her phone. This is a very sad story.

Following the terrible incident, she was rushed to a hospital within Omole Estate where she was declared dead.


Kaffy took to her social media page to write a lengthy tribute to her fellow dancer. She shared the image above and captioned it,

” This is not the kind of post I have ever imagined I would be doing about you . Ever since I saw you on Dance with Peter I remember telling Flex and Peter that I wanted to mentor you because I saw an energy caged I feel should unleash even more , so when you chose me gosh I was sooo happy 😃. When you came to stay with me , it confirmed it even more as from one gig to the other you stood out . I remember pushing hard and you fought back harder and stronger.”

Kaffy also talked about the fact that the late talented dancer ‘stubbornly’ died a day that is so remarkable for them all, ‘International Dance Day,’ which is celebrated worldwide April 29.

She said;

“And when u left I worried abit hoping you can keep the energy and keep the fire burning ….well as the world can see you did your thing , with @westsydelifestyle you made a mark ,an imprint that would never be forgotten. It’s sad we lost you but your stubborn self ensured it was a day we are forced NEVER to forget ,a day set aside world wide for the celebration of what we all stand for . Every year this day would always remind us of your energy.

“I regret not calling you a few days ago when my heart kept longing to reach out …It tears me apart ….! Your life is a message and your leaving is a greater lesson. I pray that as you have impacted in life so shall you more in death as this will change a lot in our industry and create an atmosphere where we should care and love each other better . Some people may wonder why now ? Why so much noise about her now ? Some may think “na when she die dem talk about am ?But for me I am glad , as you have always been celebrated in life and it’s more powerful to be celebrated in death too …a lot have died and we heard nothing , no one knows them nor remembers them ….the painful thing is you don’t get to see for your self how much impact you LOVE DIVINE have on so many beyond your wildest dreams .”

“You will always remain @westsydelifestyle 1ST LADY Now you are where you can wear your crown 👑 no contest !Oya LD … Gbese kpakujemu shakushaku And shadia all the way and REST in PEACE GRACE POWER AND RYTHM . @picturekodak A DANCE QUEEN ADIEU 🙏🙏🙏🙏 ” 

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