I baked meatpie for the first time … See how it turned out

Baked meatpie for the first time, what do you think. Lets do a review together.

I personally love to be creative in the kitchen, i have tried doing a lot of things in the kitchen many turned out great while others were ewwwwwww like puff puff (the thing no gree do lol).

I woke up last week thursday seriously craving meatpie (N380 for one small thing) that was how the idea of me making my own meat pie came along and bang i chose a day.

I knew i had to buy the ingredient days before the meatpie making day, i went to a small market bought the ingredients but could not find baking powder (how possible is that), biko i went home like that.

Obviously i knew there was no baking without baking powder so i went back to the market the following day to buy and this time i finally found a place to buy one for N100.

List of ingredients i used to bake the meatpie

  • Flour
  • Baking powder
  • Minced meat (i made it my self)
  • Salt
  • Magrine (i used kings but i do not recommend it as it was salty)
  • curry
  • Thyme
  • Onions
  • Carrot
  • oil
  • Egg
Minced meat
One bulb of onion

Am sure you are wondering why i didnt write potato as part of the ingridients, biko i cannot kill myself, i walked round the small market and did not find irish potatoes except sweet potatoes, that was how i gave up the search o.

Meatpie baking

Then came the d-day, i mixed up all my dry ingredients, added magrine, kneaded the dough it sha form sha, in my mind i was praying i do not mess it up (lol).

Wrapped it up and put in the freezer to rest, one thing i know about dough is that you should not stress it if not it will stress you lol.

Now time for me to make the meatpie filling came, i really needed it to taste like mr biggs meatpie if you know what i mean.

Added a little oil to the pot, poured in my minced meat ( made by me) added seasoning to taste, then little amount of curry but much more thyme before i finally added the already diced carrot, i sha kept turning and tasting ( i almost finished it).

Baked meatpie
Juicy meatpie filling

Went back for my dough, cut it , rolled it added the meat filling. Used egg on the tip of the dough before closing it, then used fork to make the line outside, biko you the line am talking about jare lol. The last but not the least i brushed the surface with egg (this is what give it that slighly brown colour on the surface)

Baked meatpie
Meatpie ready to go into the oven

Hope am not boring you o, by the time i got to this stage i was tired to the stage i was saying who sent me message chai.

Anyway sha i put the first round in the oven, praying i was not making biscuit pie, but it turned out really good, i mean very good, the filling had this mr biggs taste.

Baked meatpie for the first time
Fresh out of oven

Guess what!

I made 25 pieces of delicious meatpie, it was so delicious my sister and i practically had meatpie for breakfast, lunch and dinner lol.

Baked meatpie
My delicious meatpie
how to Bake meatpie
how to Bake meatpie
Juicy right?

Biko tell me what you want me to write about, should i give you guys the steps and how not to spend so much… comment and i will … am out …PISS (lol).

PS: I legit make the best pancakes in the world yes i said world…. don’t try me o.


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