“I am not Gaey” – Mr Universe Nigeria says

In an interview with The Nation, current Mr Universe Nigeria, Francis Egwuatu, said that because he went for a male pageant doesn’t mean he’s Gaey…

“I am not Gaey, and it is very annoying when people make such comments. There was this girl that added me on twitter. She was like; ‘Tell me the truth, are you Gaey?’ It was so annoying. Some people think that for you to win the pageant you must be Gaey and men must sleep with you and all, but that’s not true. I just wish I could do a story and the heading will just be ‘I am not Gaey’. People have concluded in their mind that we are Gaeys. People feel if you are a male pageant contestant, the only hard work you need to do is to sleep in the room. That’s a negative thought, but I believe a person with a positive thought won’t think like that. For me, you just have to be positive; you just have to believe in yourself. I have gone for pageants that I lost (Mr. Tourism Nigeria), but that didn’t stop me from going for more

see  a little of his interview

What do you think about Gaeys?
Actually, it’s bad in our country. It’s not right; God has made it a man to woman, not a man to man or woman to woman. It’s very wrong, just like its meant to be a negative to positive not positive to positive or a negative to negative, it’s quite bad, I don’t think it’s cool.



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