How to stop your shoes from smelling bad

Many of us are very embarrassed to remove our shoes in front of our friends because of the bad smell that comes out of it.

Smelling shoes

Actually this stink in shoes is a result of the fact that fresh air does not enter your shoes.

Some of these smell might be mild while others would make you feel like you should throw the shoes away.

Okay let’s get right into it…

Here are some of the ways you can remove the bad odour from your shoes at least before you get a new one.

  1. Look for the cause; most times it is the insole(shoe pad) that is harbouring the terrible odour. Remove the insole and replace it with another one.
  2. You can also remove the insole and dry it out. Am talking about proper sun drying
  3. Another thing you can choose to do is keep your shoe close to heater, so that all the bacteria in it can die and this heat will keep the shoes dry.
  4. You can choose to freeze the shoes. Look for a big nylon bag keep the shoes inside and put it in the freezer over night. This should do the trick.
  5. If the freezer trick doesn’t do justice, then your go to is baking powder. Baking powder is one powerful method to use the only thing is that be very careful when using it on leather shoes because it dries up the shoe to the extent that it can begin to crack it. But this method works well so just sprinkle little portion inside the shoe and leave it overnight.
  6. Orange/lemon/lime peel : Get fresh orange/lemon/lime peel it and then put the peel of either of them inside that smelly shoe. Leave the peels inside the shoe overnight and take it out before wear. Your shoe should begin to smell nice.
  7. Newspaper : Yay!! Another function of newspaper, not ordinary paper; newspaper. Stuff some newspaper deep inside the shoe and leave it till the following day. Take it out and wear your odourless shoes.
  8. Perfumed powder: sprinkle some white powder inside your stinky shoes. Make sure it goes deep inside the shoes. Leave overnight, then throw out the powder from the shoes and your shoes should be having the smell of the powder this time.
  9. And for the final method : If none of these methods work either individually or together please do not think twice just THROW THE SHOE(S) AWAY.


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