Fan INSULTS Sean Tizzles Dress Sense

Sean Tizzle is a man with great taste no doubt about it.
This can be see in his choice of car: “Chevrolet camaro “, Music Videos: “clearance peters”, Music Production: “dtunes”, Jewelries:”versace”.
But am afraid i cant say same for his choice of clothes and fashion style and sense.
Truth be told sean tizzle is a bad dresser; this can be seen in his music videos and red carpet appearances, lets take take a cue from his “sholee video ” one would have expected that with the way “sholee” shook the whole country the music video to would have done same but his choice of clothes messed it up.
two things are involved here:
1.) his stylist
2.) or him no knowing his body type
1.) its either his stylist doesn’t know how to do his job or he doesnt have one.
2.) sean tizzle has a round face that matches perfectly with his smallish slender figure.(one which i doubt he knows).
sean tizzle pls get a new stylist one well known to the trade (prolly iceprince stylist would do)
then if ur doing things yourself i.e shopping/styling this are the type of clothes/accessories you should rock based on your body figure
defined above:
– fitted polo shirts
– wear a lot of shorts
– well tailored/fitted suits
– loafers/drivers
Then don’t wear round cut glasses, wear the square cuts and the once that’s actually have a measurable distance from your eyes to the lenses. it accentuates better on the round face.
by the way your kick game and jewelry game is superb…
please this not a hate letter, just a concerned fan wanting to see you grow bigger in all ramifications.
thanks very much,
– See more at: https://akpraise.com/2014/07/21/photos-fan-insults-sean-tizzles-dress-sense-see-his-cruel-words/#sthash.dPF4lESL.dpuf



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