Ex Bigbrother housemate Angel shares story of how his brother escaped being killed by police because of bribe

ex Bigbrother housemate AngelEx Bigbrother housemate, Angel, took to his Instagram page to share the story of how his brother escaped being killed by an act of police brutality recently in Ondo state.

According to him, an angry police officer shot at a commercial bus his brother boarded from Ondo to Rivers state. Although his brother survived the incident after the bullet hit his belt before goimh to his hips. Below is what he wrote on his Instagram page plus pictures of the bullet;

ex Bigbrother housemate Angel

“Along Ifon L.g.a in ondo state around 2:00 pm on the 25th of April 2018. Shots fired by police on a commercial transport vehicle With passengers traveling from Port Harcourt to Akure the capital of Ondo state Nigeria.
The driver was trying to evade the so called illegal police check point in order not to pay the regular toll tip-they collect on the highway

One shot penetrated the trunk of the seana, but was obstructed by passengers luggage,
Whilst the second shot penetrated from the lower side of the vehicle hitting my brother on the his belt before contact with is hip. Luckily, by the grace of God, no harm befell him.
#stoppolicebrutality #angelthebrand#nigeria #policebrutality #graceā€ Angel wrote

ex Bigbrother housemate Angel



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