Empress Njamah shares throwback photos of herself & Rukky Sanda …fans react!

Well last night actress, Empress Njamah kinda caused confusion amongst Nollywood fans after she shared a throwback photos of herself and Rukky Sanda. She captioned one of the images which she posted on her Instagram page,

Throw back things@rukkysanda n My myself n I !@rukkysanda u remember this day for@debbinphotography studio ?

Well, fans immediately commented on post because of the difference in Rukky Sanda’s past and present look, some couldn’t believe the person in the throwback photos was Rukky Sanda, other came for Empress and accused her of throwing shade at rukky
See fans their reactions…

Screenshot_2016-05-06-04-37-09Screenshot_2016-05-06-04-36-51Screenshot_2016-05-06-04-37-30Screenshot_2016-05-06-04-37-47Screenshot_2016-05-06-04-38-09Screenshot_2016-05-06-04-40-20Well Rukky Sanda, has once been accused of bleaching and undergoing plastic surgery on several occasions, shut she down the ‘rumours’ last year during an interview. She disclosed that she is a naturally light-skinned and her beauty regimen includes visiting the spa frequently. This pictures are that of rukky and this is how she currently look, i guess the picture says it all



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