Elderly Woman Woke Up In A Freezing Morgue


A Polish doctor says she has been in “deep shock” since learning that a 91-year-old woman she pronounced dead woke up in a morgue.

The doctor identified in media was Wieslawa C. – said on TVN24 television on Friday that she was sure the patient was dead after finding “no basic life functions” during a house call on 6 November.

Prosecutors are investigating whether the patient’s life and health were endangered by the inaccurate death diagnosis.

Identified by the media as Janina Kolkiewicz, the elderly woman was examined in the eastern town of Ostrow Lubelski after relatives noticed she was not breathing. She was pronounced dead and sent to the morgue.

Hours later an undertaker noticed she was moving.

An official says Kolkiewicz is now in good health.

Whew! This is really one he’ll of a great shock



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