Despite looking more like a man the nigerian female footballer says”I’m all woman with two B00bs & no balls’

Super Falcon star turned fitness trainer, rapper & fashion designer, Chichi Igbo took to her instagram page recently to address her masculine physique, which quite a lot of people have questioned, saying she's on steroids. Despite looking like she does, 28year old Chichi says she doesn't use steroids nor does she take any kind of supplement as being speculated. She says her rigorous football exercises made her this way and says she's all woman with two B00bs and no balls between her legs.
Chichi, who played for Nigeria during the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup is based in Denmark, playing professional football.
See what she wrote:
"So a followers just asked if I'm on male hormones/testosterone plus I get negative comments about being on steroids all the time. So I'm Gonna address this. I'm not mad neither do I take it the wrong way cos I understand why it's unbelievable that a female can have it like that but here is the truth, if y'all really pay attention you would know what I do for a living. Playing soccer on a professional level is something taken seriously, which means the rules that applies for the highest sports out there on doping applies for us too which means we are dope tested as players by local federations and FIFA. I know I own nobody no explanation but it's always good to feed people's curiosity so they can move on and that's what I'm doing. I barely use them so called supplements cos I only wanna give credit to hard work, dedication, persistence and my genes. I have my career to thank cos it'd be impossible for some to believe I'm natural but I'm a living proof that muscles can be gained naturally if you work for it. I'm a woman with two B00bs and no balls in between my legs, I'm just created special and that's why I refuse to fit in or live by societies standards. I'm a mystery to some but that's ok, the world would be boring if we all looked alike, so accept and respect each other's differences cos that's thee only way we can live in peace and harmony. Embrace your differences, you are not a mistake but specially made so please DO NOT allow people bully you into felling that you are not good enough or worthy. They DONT have to like, understand or accept you, you are You are awesome just the way you are, so long you embrace and accept you for you. I wouldn't put myself out there if I could cos I majority of the time think people get at me for all the Wrongs reasons, I'd rather get complimented on my personality than my outer look, no offense but that's just me, so I put myself out there so I could encourage and motivate others, I may not answer all the questions thrown at me but I try to respond when I can. I hope I cleared this up. It's ok to be a female and fit, that don't make you less beautiful. Stay strong and healthy

Lemme hear another D!ckhead ask me why I'm Trina be a dude cos of how I dress, Sh!t men tell me they wanna be just like me when they grow up bahahah..I'm a WOMAN just not your average woman. What you wear doesn't define you, sorry for them studs that think they are guys, that's bs unless you are Ftm or considering a S3x change but that ain't me. I'm very satisfied with who I see in the mirror inside out. Call me miss extraordinary.
"Allow me to school you, i do it better than your girlfriend so pls don't get it twisted, what I wear don't define me"

She's is no 11 from the group pics.
What do you tink



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