Dbanj sleeps in his room again, 21 months after losing son

D’banj’ has once again opened up on the grief he is suffering after the death of son, Daniel jnr, who died after drowning in a swimming pool in their Ikoyi home on the 24th of June, 2018.

Almost two years later and the singer still can’t erase the pains off (who can), he also shared that he hasn’t slept in his house 21 months after it happened u till last night..


The singer took to his Instagram page  to share a word of encouragement to others even as he still grieves, he wrote,

“For the first time in 21 months I slept in my room.. I thought it would be easier but the memories are so fresh and although my family and I have been through so much in this time, I woke up this morning with a grateful heart knowing that I can be a  source of viable hope to anyone going through a hard time due to this pandemic or personal issues….just know that tomorrow will be better and you can turn your pain into motivation. Stay strong”



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