Dad kills his 5 young children and dumped them in bin bags at side of road


A 32 year old father of five, Timothy Ray Jones (pictured left) has admitted to killing all five of his children and dumping their bodies in rubbish bags at the side of a road. He led police to the scene (pictured right) where they found bodies of all five of the children stuffed into bin bags near a logging road, 50 miles away in Alabama, Reuters reports.

The children, aged between 8 and 2 were reported missing from their home in South Carolina on September 3rd by their mother.  Their bodies were found today. Notes referring to violence against the children were also found in his car.
 Jones was divorced from his wife but had joint custody of the children with her. He was even their primary legal custodian. The last time anyone heard from the children and Jones before they were found murdered was on August 28th. The six of them were supposed to travel to Mississippi for a family gathering on Labor Day weekend but never arrived.

Nobody heard from Jones until September 6th when he was stopped at a checkpoint. When police opened the doors of the Escalade he was driving, they saw he had taken bleach and poured it all over the back of the Escalade but the noticed blood and maggot and immediately took him into custody.

He eventually confessed to killing his children and told police where they could find their remains. children.

Jones has so far not revealed why he killed his children but the prosecutor involved in the case said Jones mentioned something about the children plotting to kill him.

source: standard digital



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