Coronavirus : US is preparing to evacuate diplomats and citizens out of China

Coronavirus is deadly

US is now making quick plans to take out some of it’s citizens and diplomats living in Wuhan, the Chinese city from which the deadly strain of Coronavirus originated from.

This deadly disease Coronavirus is a SARS like disease that has killed over 50 people in China already with about 2000 cases of infection confirmed already, with the Chinese government putting the city of Wuhan under lockdown as they try to contain the deadly virus

But the US, in keeping with principles of protecting it’s diplomats and citizen all over the world, has finalized plans to evacuate about three dozen diplomats and their families from the US consulate in Wuhan, China and even though the city is in lockdown the Chinese government has been very supportive of the US’ move.

coronavirus is deadly

The Diplomats living there have been informed about the new development by US government as they will be given free tickets on a plane back home but informed non-diplomat Americans interested in going home that they will be billed for the flight.

On Thursday, the US State Department also ordered non-emergency personnel and their families to depart the Hubei Province of China, of which Wuhan is the provincial capital, due to the coronavirus epidemic, it also raised the travel advisory for the Hubei province to “Level 4: Do Not Travel,” warning that the “U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in Hubei province.”

Coronavirus is now turning to a global epidemic with new cases reported in many countries like UK, France, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and the US.

We are all hopeful and praying that this deadly disease is cleared out completely.


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