Cobhams Asuquo reveals the true story behind Timi Dakolo’s new song, ‘The Vow”

Timi Dakolo and family

Music producer, Cobhams is the brain behind Timi Dakolo’s new single, ‘The Vow’ off his forthcoming album ‘Love and Consequences’ which was released on the 31st of March which happened to be timi’s  wedding anniversary.
He dropped the single with the message below;;

“It’s been 4 years of learning and loving with my wife. I believe there is no better time to release this single and video than now. I call it my gift to her and I want the world to share it with me and their special one”, the singer said.

But then again with an interesting twist, Cobhams who produced the song, shared the inspiration behind the new single, which was originally meant for his wife, Ojuola.

“A few years ago as I was preparing for my wedding, I wanted to write a song for our special day, but for a while nothing was befitting. Then one Sunday, this song came to me.
As I started playing and humming the song, I realized with dismay that it was not meant for my voice. But then I thought of no better voice and person to sing it than my friend and brother @timidakolo.
He finished writing the song and performed it on our wedding day as me and my sweetheart @ojuola took our couple’s dance.
Ours is a musical brotherhood! I don’t think I have made a song with Timi that I don’t feel deeply personal about. Even the piano on which I wrote this song now sits in his study.
So happy to share this song! I hear the video is fantastic too but we all know I know nothing about that hahaha. Share the love! #thevow #timidakolo #happyanniversary #musicalbrotherhood #loverssong #naijamusic”

The video sees Dakolo renew his vows with his lovely wife, Busola, capturing the essence of love, emotions and everything in between.



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