Bride-to-be Calls Off Her Wedding After Fiance Pours Water On Her In Eatery

bride to be calls off her wedding

bride to be calls off her wedding.

A bride-to-be has reportedly called off her wedding after she was allegedly humiliated by her fiance in public. Her fiance poured water on her face and clothes in an eatery because he was angry.

Reports have it that the lady has called off the wedding which is supposed to hold next month and is strongly standing by her decision.

The story was shared on facebook by Olajumoke Fayemi shared the story onFacebook. Olajumoke wrote

She called off her wedding just few days to the date. She felt humiliated and assaulted. A man she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with had the effrontery to pour water on her face and clothes because he was angry.

She knew he had a bit of anger problems . But it never occurred to her he could unleash the anger to her publicly. This happened in an eatery while they were having a meeting.

The introduction have been done few months back and invitation cards shared to family, friends ,colleagues and church members.

The wedding comes up ,first week of March. Besides, lot of money have been spent in preparation for the occasion.

Last week, dude invited the babe to meet him in one of the eateries so they could sort out some issues. She came as agreed not knowing that the meeting would be the last between both of them.

Somehow, their were argument between them and dude out of anger poured the water he was drinking on her . She stood speechless, dazed and confused. Somehow, she managed to pull herself together and walked out of the spot with her wet clothes.

She got home broken but made up her mind to discontinue with the marriage. Of course, she didn’t waste time to let her mom and sisters know about the strange development. And her decision was to call off the wedding.

Sadly, her mom was not completely in support of her decision but with the backing of her siblings, they were able to convince her . The whole family are backing her. To them ,the marriage is over.

However, dude and family would not take any of that. They have been begging and sending emissaries to her and her family.

The pastor of her church is not left out . He has invited her but she is still holding her ground. No marriage.

Do you think she is making the best decision. Let’s hear your opinion.



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