Ibinabo Fiberesima sacked, court removed her from AGN Presidency

Ibinabo-Fiberesima-1Information received indicated that President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fiberesima, has been sacked from being the AGn president.

Following a ruling by Justice James Tsoho this morning, March 16, 2015, the election that ushered the Ibinabo Fiberesima into office was conducted against a standing court order, in a suit filed by an actor identified as St. Maradona Mikevine.

Mikevine served as the National Treasurer in the factional exco led by Emeka Ike as AGN president and had filed the suit to contest Ibinabo’s election as AGN president.

Court filings indicate that Mikevine approached the court praying for the nullification of the election, saying the same was conducted in the face of a subsisting court order restraining the conduct of the AGN election.

The said subsisting court order itself had been the product of another suit filed by Emeka Ike since July 25, 2013… full details comming soon



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