Bowen University Vice Chancellor, Prof Joshua Ogunwole, recently buys a vehicle worth over N42 million and sacks over 100 workers.

The Pandemic as affected a lot of organisations,

Bowen University has now joined the growing list of organizations which the pandemic as affected.

According to reports, the private university located at Iwo in Osun State on Tuesday, June 23 sacked over 100 workers.

Late on Tuesday the sacked staffers received their letters which was heart breaking via email.

The Head, Information and Public Relations of the institution, Toba Adaramola said:

The University only sacked only 8-10 percent of the working staff but could not revealed the figure.

Mr Toba said, during the lockdown, the University was able to migrate f to online teaching and examination with ease.

He added, “The University Management at that time identified the need to embark on repositioning and rebranding which led to series of and retraining along the line.

An affected staff said:Over 100 of us are affected and we may resort to violence because the reason for the sack was not genuine.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof Joshua Ogunwole, recently bought a vehicle worth over N42 million despite the economic situation. So you can see that it is caused by wickedness

“In August 2018, it was discovered that the university is heading toward inflection point and the management deliberated on the reasons for the inflection.

“It was discovered that change of culture was part of the problem. Hence we embraced technology and so many staffers were no longer needed to perform certain duties.

“Although it is a painful decision but one that is necessary to sustain the university since it is not public institution that can rely on any subvention apart from the fees it charged its students.”

Bowen University


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