Bowen University denies reports of students burning down hostel, says it’s a lie

Bowen University students allegedly burn down hostels

The news earlier reported that students burnt down hostels has been refuted by the school’s VC.

According to Pulseng the school’s Registrar, Dr Kayode Ogunleye said that the report is a lie that the university did not suspend 170 students neither did any student of the university burnt down any hostel.

He said,

 ”It is a lie we did not suspend 200 students. Some students are facing disciplinary action and they are not even up to 40. That’s number one, that students burnt down their hostels, no.  Although some students showed their grievances, they didn’t like the outcome of the disciplinary action, but nobody burnt down anything on campus because I am on campus now and I have not seen any hostel burnt down. They are carrying some pictures on social media, I don’t know where they get that from.

”I heard about students making attempt to burn some mattresses not hostel. I heard this, I have not been there. I am on campus and I am in my office. No disturbance of peace on campus, everything is fine.

The registrar, confirmed that the university carried out a drug test for some students and some of them refused to do the test. He added that the university invited the parents of those students to the institution.

”Yes, some refused to do the drug test and some did it and they were tested positive. The school has called the parents of those ones and they had to go home with their parents. But I can assure you there is peace on campus, we don’t have any problem, He said.



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