The President and Founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, has said that in these last days, many nations who are currently facing economic woes will soon begin to merge with other nations for survival.

Speaking during the fourth service at Faith Tabernacle, the 50,000-seater capacity which serves as the headquarters of the church, also known as Winners’ Chapel, the faith preacher stunned members his followers Sunday March 8, 2015 when he declared that in the light of the current economic crunch happening all over the world, some nations will, out of frustration, practically beg other nations to absolve them, a situation he termed ‘divine judgment”.

He also assured Nigerians that the forthcoming general elections would be peaceful, urging that those who are currently relocating their family members abroad for fear of a breakdown of law and order, before, during and after the elections to desist from it: “What is happening on the earth today is divine judgment, but within that context, God has ordained an exemption programme for His children,” he thundered. “We have never had crises all over the world like we’ve had in the last few years. In those days, it used to be two nations fighting.

But these days, many nations are fighting at the same time,” he continued. He posited that famine would soon wreak havoc in the world, forcing nations to mortgage their future. “Now there is famine in diverse places…we will soon hear that nations are acquiring other nations; some will even sell themselves to other nations, begging them to allow them become states in their nations,” he noted.

The Omu-Aran born grandfather apostle, who is said to be the richest pastor in the world, however assured members that there is a way out of the ‘gross darkness’ that is engulfing the world. Quoting the Bible book of Psalms 91, the Chancellor of Covenant University, one of the ministry’s private varsities said, “But in all these, God has an exemption plan for His children. The Bible says ‘A thousand shall fall at your side and ten thousand on the right hand, but it shall not come near you, because we are listed among the redeemed. Judgment is coming down on the wicked but there shall no evil befall you.”

The 60-year-old pastor ended by assuring worshippers and Nigerians that the forthcoming general elections would be devoid of crises as anticipated in some quarters. In a rather prophetic manner, he bellowed, “Watch it, concerning this nation, there’s a great future. This election shall be peaceful; it will come to pass like a dream of the night. Offices will not be shut down for a moment; it shall be peaceful, there will be order as ordained by God and we will celebrate at the end of the day,” he assured. The pastor also had a word for politicians who rely so much on ‘godfatherism’: “There is no kingmaker on the earth; God is then only authentic kingmaker. So He will ensure that His Will is established in Nigeria at all levels. He will ensure there’s no war by installing only those who are righteous in power,” he told his congregation.



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