Baby found alive in river 14 hours after car crash while mum found dead in driver’s seat



An 18-month-old baby girl was found alive in a car more than 14 hours after the vehicle plunged into a river in Utah, USA. The girl was discovered hanging upside down above water in her car seat by a fisherman on Saturday afternoon, police told reporters. The child’s mother 25yr old Lynn Groesbeck was found dead in the driver’s seat.

The little girl was immediately rushed to a hospital in Salt Lake City, where her condition has been upgraded from critical to stable.
The car pictured above. Police say they think the car careered into the Spanish Fork River after striking a cement barrier on Friday night. A fisherman raised the alarm the next day, after he saw the girl dangling above the water as it flowed through the car.

Three police officers and four firefighters entered the river to rescue the child and took her to the hospital. Police told reporters that they will not be releasing any further details about the baby unless her condition changes. The baby’s name was also not released.



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