Copper writes sweet and emotional message to his mum for her 50th birthday

Mothers are the best gift to us!!!!

This is the story of a young Nigerian popularly known as Mr Intentional, he is also a songwriter and worship leader at House on the Rock church. Read the touching message he wrote to honor his mum on her 50th birthday below:

“Ya’all give it up for my momma. My forever crush. Behind us is the small business she runs. Through this business I was able to become a graduate and now, am a serving corp member. If not for this business I won’t be serving as a worship leader and music minister @houseontherockchurch today.

Cos she made sure I don’t lack transport fair to church at every points. Imagine I never had any means to go to church, I won’t be who I am today. Though she looks young, but she has been through a lot I tell you. Was it how she sold rice, pure water and etc at the garage for 12 years when my dad was sacked from work or how she forfeited her dreams just to see mine come alive.

A lot I can’t start telling you now. But through all am glad she’s alive today to see me fulfilling purpose. Let me just stop here and say a happy 50th birthday to you momma. I love you girl. Keep looking young bae. I promise you this, your next birthday na Dubai or new York nai we go do am. You deserve more.”



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