Assault: Registrar slaps woman over N50

There was confusion at the Magistrate’s Court II at Azare, Katagum Local Government Area of Bauchi State, when the registrar of the court slapped a woman over N50.
The husband of the woman is said to be unhappy over the development and had subsequently dragged the Registrar to Magistrate Court I to seek redress.
It all started when Lado Ibrahim, a Fulani woman, who sells fresh cow milk, known as Nunu in local parlance, demanded for her money from the registrar identified as Joseph Obaje, in the court premises.
Joseph was said to have bought Nono worth N50 from 38-year-old Lado and had refused to pay.
He was clearly infuriated when Lado persistently asked for her money. But instead of paying her money, the court Registrar was said to have slapped the mother of five and allegedly called her a Pr0stitute.
The development prompted the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association in Katagum Local Government Area to intervene.
The National Deputy Chairman II of the association, Muhammad Geri, told newsmen that the matter would have degenerated into a religious crisis, but for their prompt intervention.
He said Lado’s husband felt aggrieved over what happened and was slighted that instead of reporting his wife to him, the registrar slapped her.
“He is a peaceful man and does not want to take the law into his hands, so he went to court,” the Miyetti leader said.




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