Sincerely, I solemnly do this. But whenever I get the inspiration to
do it….I go raw and crazy. I’ve once read Jerry’s story of how he
transformed Ghana but I really didn’t give my whole heart to it. I
recently went through the story once again but this time, thoroughly
and I was inspired to do this. Looking at the development Ghanaians
are currently enjoying,  I want to vent my anger on some ever unreal
transformation agenda our fake leaders having been ranting about all
these years.

For some of you who may not know who Jerry J. Rawlings is. Lemme
quickly take you through a history class:
Jerry J. Rawlings was born on June 22, 1947, in Accra, Ghana. In 1979,
he led coups to overthrow the military government.
Rawlings initiated his debut coup d’état on 15 May 1979, leading a
group of military personnel in a coup attempt on General Fred Akuffo
which resulted in him arrested, imprisoned and facing a death
sentence. On June 4, soldiers sympathetic to his motivations broke him
out of jail, and he led a revolt of both the military and civilians
which overthrew General Akuffo and the Supreme Military Council,
effectively leaving him in charge.
Rawlings signed the orders for the execution of a former military
president of Ghana who was later executed: Ignatius Kutu Acheampong ,
and Air Vice-Marshal Yaw Boakye. Four other generals—Kotei, Joy
Amedume, Roger Felli, and Utuka—were also put to death.
The killings of the Supreme Court justices (Cecilia Koranteng Addo,
Frederick Sarkodie, and Kwadjo Agyei Agyepong), military officers
Major Sam Acquah and Major Dasana Nantogmah and the killings and
disappearance of over 300 other Ghanaians occurred in his time in
Ghana’s history. Rawlings has never denied responsibility for this.
He became chairman of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council AFRC
(what Rawlings described as a much wider “house-cleaning exercise”)
that year and he executed heads of state to eradicate corruption.
After 112 days of rule, Rawlings handed power to Limann which he later
eliminated on seeing the poor administration Limann led. Rawlings
became Ghanaian president in 1982, and was twice re-elected.
He has since been an envoy to Somalia.

To know more about Jerry’s handwork in delivering Ghana from
corruption, biko Google search. Thanks.


Now, I want to para. Please, what has been set up to eradicate
corruption in Nigeria? Did I just hear you say EFFC & ICPC? Thunder
fire your mouth! You better don’t lemme slap your face. Are they even
still existing? Which corrupt leader dem don catch? We’ve gat 100s of
Senators, Commissioners, Governors….both former and ‘still rulling’
who we all know as very corrupt. After getting some arrested and
charged to court….the 1st week will be sooo sooo hot and the first
page of many National dailies will be about the story of how one
corrupt leader has embezzled our money. Calm down and wait till the
next week, there wouldn’t be much news about these stories. Then, in
the next 3 months all you read is this corrupt leader who how he
looted our money was printed with figures in the papers have been set
free. Shiooorrr.

Letz leave Corruption story for now and move to another national issue
eating us up, which is sustainable development. Wetin don develop for
this country since the GEJ don become President? Ok! We can really
point to some developments. Good! If y’all are satisfied with these
developments, why then are we still complaining?…..If you feel we
are okay with where our country is. And please what happened to the
most greatest 7-point transformation agenda? My guy, we are just
fooling ourselves in this country. We only need 1-point agenda which
is Power Supply. It is a shame on us all, if truly we are the one
supplying Ghana light and we still can not boast of 24 hours
un-interrupted power supply. What a pity.

I hear sey Bode George is also a delegate to the ongoing CONFAB,
please is this really true? Imagine, an ex-convict is gon be deciding
the fate of this nation. Someone who was found guilty of high degree
corruption? And you say this National Conference of a thing na good
initiative? Haaaaa! I shake my head for all you.

Another issue I wanna address is the education sector. Hmmmmm….if I
can afford to go study in one of those Universities in Ghana, I am
ready to ditch OOU, Ago-Iwoye at my final year to go start all over
again at a Ghanaian University. Because by the time I come back and
submit my Resume to the C.E.O of Zenith bank, I will be chosen over a
1st class graduate of OAU, Ife. You should understand what I mean here
by now.

Now tell me, where the hell are organizations like Occupy Nigeria and
Save Group? They have still not been able to occupy a space in their
village? The last time we heard of them was during the fuel subsidy
crisis….their music concert from morning till evening, Monday to
Friday was fun though. We danced all through. Their respective twitter
accounts have turned into a relationship and jokes handle. LMAO!

See, believe it or not….the man who said we need a second revolution
in this country has said the right thing. We do not only need a
revolution, all these past governors, presidents, corrupt political
leaders etc. need to be killed and made to perish. They are the cause
of our un-development and suffering.


We need not be quiet or silent about this truth. Our past leaders who
brought about corruption and all the ‘still ruling’ leaders who have
been looting our resources and treasures SHOULD ALL BE ELIMINATED. God
smiled on Ghana and gave them a Jerry J. Rawlings to deliver them.
Till date, Ghana has not remained the same.

Where is our own Jerry J. Rawlings? Merciful God, I call on you to
help us wake our Jerry up and let him kill and act accordingly. These
people have been playing on our intelligence. They’ve been deceiving
us too bad. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

God, bring our own Jerry to us. We need him badly. We all want to wake
up one day and receive the news of our past and current leaders’
deaths. If they are no more, Nigeria will turn around for the better
in less than 24hours. Boko Haram will stop operation immediately, this
I’m very sure of.

Some girls have been missing for more than 7 weeks now and all our GEJ
could do is pop champagne over the victory of one PDP Governor.

I’ve done what I’m sent to do and if I am jailed cuz of this…..then,
you all should be prepared for the worse to happen. The brave ones
among us have been multiplied by zero and their inbuilt courage have
been degraded down to a level that they have lost their voices and
become respected cowards.

Aswear, we (Nigerians) are all foolish to have been silent all this while.

The Charming Humble Nice Guy won’t say more than this.

Written by: The Charming Humble Nice Guy
@Mc_Jawbone on twitter
BB Pin – 742EBB2A



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